Full range of services for your car

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Project Planning & Consultation

Let our experts help guide your project to reach your goals and dreams

Regular Service

Oil and fluid changes, light bulb changes, filter changes, etc.

Scheduled Maintenance

Factory-approved maintenance schedules which may be required to maintain your warranty

ECU Calibration & Tuning

Remapping, flashing and updating of vehicle computers

Engine Work

Core engine modifications to make it stronger, faster, cooler, and lighter

Forced Induction Systems

Turbocharging, supercharging and all supporting systems

Suspension & Drivetrain

Anything from the engine back which helps move your vehicle and control its interaction with the road


For custom parts and repairs from raw material - when "off the shelf" doesn't work or doesn't even exist!


Troubleshooting and in-depth testing to determine the cause of mechanical and electrical malfunctions

Hand Porting & Polishing

Porting and polishing is a specialty service to optimize airflow and thermal efficiency of many different areas

We offer many other services as well! If you don't see what you're looking for, give us a call!